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Who Are We

Local experts with a multitude of experience in the media and marketing industry

…..finding Tranquility. Tranquility Media is a full-service digital marketing agency born in beautiful Hervey Bay that provides a complete suite of services for small businesses. From brand development, design, website development, digital marketing and considering all media-related solutions, we cover it all.  Our brand stands for clarity and simplicity for your advertising efforts, and finding the outcomes that bring “Tranquility”.


Who we have helped

Tranquility is the goal for our customers – a clearer growth path that adopts the digital opportunities while maintaining the fundamentals of marketing in targeting new customers.

Tranquility Media is about keeping it simple but effective. We bring decades of experience as a media and digital marketing agency in Hervey Bay that thrives on small business challenges. Our services are determined by results that define our relationship with our customers.

Delivering first-class service

Centuries of best practice businesses have been based on excellence in customer service. As a customer, you have every right to expect priority attention and a relationship that provides prompt responses and clear timelines. Our experience in media incorporates understanding the sales process for an organisation and our marketing tactics will be honest in reviewing these processes.

Digital Marketing

So often we speak with Hervey Bay businesses that have “taken up a package” that has been offered as a solution before any review of that business. Each business has different needs and the multitude of solutions available needs to be explored and custom-designed based on their needs. Our digital agency in Hervey Bay allows us the flexibility to deliver measurable campaigns with an objective of ROI – a Return on Investment.

Web Development

Websites are an investment in your business. You have every right to expect a return from that investment and Tranquility Media ensures your objectives are met through our custom design and development process. This is the foundation of your overall marketing strategy and deserves the attention we provide to your organisation.


Graphic design for businesses gathers many opinions along the business journey so it’s important to get it right so it attracts customers, rather than distract. We have a network of designers available to us that understand the commercial world that brands must compete in. Creativity and Innovation are terms commonly used and to be expected, but connecting with an audience is an absolute priority for us when delivering graphic design solutions.

Professional Services

As a top digital agency in Hervey Bay, we must reflect what we expect – the highest level of customer service possible. Few campaigns can be successful without this service level and Tranquility Media strives to bring the customer-first approach that will be reflected in the outcomes we provide. We avoid tech terms, we don’t make promises we can’t keep, and we are honest and direct.

There’s a reason Hervey Bay businesses choose us

Catch your most influential audiences with our innovative digital marketing strategies, designed for Hervey Bay businesses just like you. Our team of gurus specialise in the field, providing up-to-date expertise that helps you power up your bottom line and grow for the long term. From maximising your visibility on search engines to dominating your paid ads campaigns – we explode your ROI in more ways than one. 

Collect more conversions

We talk a lot about traffic and leads. But what really matters is converting those visitors into customers that stick with you for the long run. We create web traffic, but our heart is always set on ensuring that the numbers go even further, building your brand authentic driving sales growth. Create engaging content, nurture influential leads and drive targeted traffic to your site – we cover it all. 


There are many services that dedicated agencies in this field can offer businesses. The most common solutions tend to include SEO, PPC advertising, content marketing, social media management and strategy, conversion optimisation, web design and development, email marketing, digital advertising management and analytics. 

However, it’s important to always ask your intended company what service is the most appropriate for your budget and objectives. Ultimately, the point of all of these advertising formats is to help business owners get their products out there in front of more potential customers and generate sales.

If your business is small, or you’re just starting out, you may not have a dedicated marketing department or the capacity to build one. A one-person shop that does all the sales and marketing for a company then comes in handy, which is what an agency offers. You can place all of your campaigns in their hands, allowing you to free up much-needed time and energy to work on building your actual business. 

The cost of a digital marketing agency in Hervey Bay depends on a variety of factors, including your current level of online presence, your target audience and the services you require. It’s important to understand that no specialist company in this field is made equal and all will quote prices differently. A well-built agency (like us) will give you a tailored quote according to your needs, which is more important and cost-effective than a stock-standard, one-size-fits-all fee.

Additionally, every service involved in this form of advertising comes with various price tags. For example, PPC allows you to remain in control of your ad spend through a cost-per-click model, allowing you to gain more flexibility over how much you’re investing. Meanwhile, SEO services usually require more investment over a longer period, gleaning you organic and long-lasting results. To know which option is right for you, we recommend getting in touch with our experts for a no-obligation discussion.