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Tranquility Media prides itself on keeping it simple. This principal carries across to our view on website solutions. Your website serves a specific purpose, provide information to your prospective customers and convert them into leads and sales. We don’t over complicate this process, we deliver simple, clear websites that assist in this purpose.

Our Website Development Services

Wordpress Sites

Tranquility Media utilises WordPress for our website development services in Hervey Bay. WordPress is the most well-known platform available, allowing for a wealth of options, knowledge, and experience. We specialise in mobile responsive concepts that are designed to convert.


A new website can be a large investment, we understand this and we have a service available to allow anyone to have a great website designed to convert. Our website subscription offering is fast to roll out, low monthly fee and low maintenance. Enquire now to find out more.

Making a difference in web development & design

This field can be a complicated space, with technologies, platforms and competition evolving as time goes on. At Tranquility Media, we simplify the process for our clients, helping them to create an influence with new and existing customers. If you’re looking for a way to redefine your online presence, we can build you an attractive, conversion-driven website design that suits your business best.

Our approach to clean, seek and influential sites

At Tranquility Media, we keep it simple, so you can maintain your platform and enjoy its biggest and best features. Enjoy a website development that supports your business goals and is able to entice your users into converting. Complete with pixel-perfect, responsive designs, we build results that are easy to use and just as engaging to your audiences.

Web Development
Web Development

Give your brand the wow-factor

Did you know that 76% of customers will not work with a business if its website is outdated? A refreshed design can help your brand connect with your biggest prospects, helping you land in front of those that matter most. As a powerful sales tool, a responsive website design and development can make or break your overall online reputation. So how is yours representing your brand?

Why choose Tranquility Media?

We place a big emphasis on services that are simple, transparent and stress-free. Understanding that there is a lot of confusing and big claims in the market, we aim to give our clients the most honest and reliable solution when they’re looking for website development in Hervey Bay. If you’re looking to amp up your marketing but don’t know where to start, the first step is speaking with our passion-filled team.



Not sure how this kind of service works? We answer your biggest questions below.

A website is an investment; it shows your professionalism to visitors and potential customers that may end up sticking with you for the future. So it’s no surprise that how your platform looks and feels is crucial to your success. Unfortunately, not all website development and design services are made equal, and cost can significantly impact the final result. 

At the end of the day, a well-designed site will help you grow your business and boost revenue, attracting more people to your brand.  We provide you with a tailored approach that ensures all fees reflect your overall vision to ensure you are given the most affordable and appropriate solution. 


To find out more about our pricing structure, get in touch with our team now.

Five key elements make up a good, well-built design. These are:

  1. A clear intention and purpose.
  2. Fast load times.
  3. Easy-to-read and attractive typography.
  4. Communication is simple and effective.
  5. Mobile-friendly, responsive design.

When you choose Tranquility Media, our results will always include all of these factors, ensuring you have the very best platform to work with in the future.

Additionally, every service involved in this form of advertising comes with various price tags. For example, PPC allows you to remain in control of your ad spend through a cost-per-click model, allowing you to gain more flexibility over how much you’re investing. Meanwhile, SEO services usually require more investment over a longer period, gleaning you organic and long-lasting results. To know which option is right for you, we recommend getting in touch with our experts for a no-obligation discussion.