Digital Marketing

Tranquility Media has been part of the digital revolution since its birth and now evolves with the changing landscape and opportunities it provides. We don’t apologise that its about leads and sales, large audiences are nice but the ultimate numbers are revenue related. This is an investment in your business so you have every right to expect a return on investment.

Our Digital Marketing Services


Search Engine Optimisation – lets get straight to the point…… it’s about ranking on page 1 of search engines. 92% of people do not go past the first page of Google when searching for a product or service. Most agencies have different views with how SEO works, Tranquility Media focuses on results driven strategies.

Google Ads

Google certainly has the audience to target, you need to find the right digital marketing agency that converts this to profitable revenue. Have faith that reputable digital marketers can deliver cost effective campaigns with a results driven focus. Understanding your potential consumers and targeting them with the relevant approach will deliver positive results. Search Engine Marketing, Display and Remarketing Ads, Video and Google Shopping……the options are endless so let Tranquility Media custom design a campaign.

Social Media Marketing

Facebook and Instagram have connected people like no other communication platform. The ability for businesses to target specific audiences is very effective through these channels but the outcomes is where your digital marketing provider earns their fee. Our goal setting process is crucial to the success of a profitable social media campaign and we emphasise the message to make the right connections.

Content Marketing

Businesses have now become their own publishers and content is the most common time-consuming burden that organisations are looking for support. Tranquility Media has decades of experience with developing content that we can take the pressure away from your team so they can put their attention to what they do best for your business. Content is still king, but poor content can disengage your customers.